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pompa górnicza PZ22GK*

OFFER / Mud Pumps for Mines


Submersible Mud Pump PSZ-65E



The PSZ-65E pump is purposed for pumping clear and polluted water, as well as mud with permanent dirt with its diameter 17mm with the use of a mixer, strainer, closed impeller or up to 30mm with the use of open impeller and a bay in place of strainer. The pumps has the ATEX certificate according to the Directive 94/9/WE for machines type I, M2 category, which allows to use the pump in underground mines, surface installments of these mines, which are endangered with the explosion of methan or coal ash.


Spinning one-stage pump. The impeller of the open or closed build attached directly to the stretched beam of the electric engine. The engine is divided from the water part with an oil compartment, and the beam going through it is protected with a double mechanical seal. From the body of the pump a pressue pipe is lead, which allows the attachement of a pressure cable. The pump has a strainer, that makes the base of the pump. In case of the usage of the open impeller, a bay is attached instead of a strainer.

Connection pressure pipe:

  • flange Ø65

Standard features:

  • mixer, strainer, feeder cable 15m in length

Alternative and additional features:

  • gummed open impeller, feeder cable above 15m in length


  • engine, water part - cast iron. Stainless version available.

The assembly of the pump includes a thermal cover of the engine and an assembly diode to control the continuity of earthing.

The PSZ-65E Pump Marks:

  • P - pompa
  • S - slime/mud
  • Z - submersible
  • 65 - pressure pipe diameter
  • E - constructive version


Power Voltage Rotation
Max submergence Max impurity Pressure pipe Efficiency Lift height Weight
- [kW] [V] [min-1] [m] [mm] [mm] [m3/h] [m] [kg]
- 8 500 lub 1000 2930 14 17 65 0-70 44-8 199




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